History of Township 7 EMS

(Radio Call Handle: Medic 20)

News Articles:

18 May 1992. James City Rescue Squad forms- Incorporated on 2 December 1991.

Craven County commissioners approved formation of the Township 7 Rescue Squad on 18 May 1992, with an initial startup cost of $43,434.00. The vote was unanimous. The squad started with 27 volunteer members and initial response time average of 14 minutes (now 6 minutes). In addition to James City, the squad serves areas of Brice’s Creek to the Jones County line, Perrytown, Riverdale, and Old Cherry Point Road, including two nursing homes. The squad started at the EMT-Basic level (now Paramedic), two used ambulances, and a rented, partially renovated building.

As with any volunteer organization, progress depends on community support. Even before winning the county’s OK, the Township 7 squad had accumulated about $4000 in donations. Rescue squads in Craven County survive primarily on the generosity of the people they serve, plus earnings from patient transport and care, as well as a small user fee from the county.

That money returns to each rescue squad in amounts depending on its volume of calls and the size of the area it covers. The squads use an estimated volume of calls to establish a budget and set goals for community support according to projected capital needs.

Like fire departments, volunteer rescue squads are about neighbors helping neighbors, and that concept is a two-way street. the idea of a new Township 7 squad grew out of support from the people who will use the service. It’s only natural it should grow the same way.

8 January 2008. New Headquarters Built

Township 7 EMS first rented a building in a former convalescent home, then moved to a second rented building near the Township 7 Fire Station. Volunteers and members of the Township 7 EMS have held fundraisers for five  years to get money to pay for the $290,000 building.

The squad members borrowed the money for the building with a 25 year mortgage, after buying the property for $80,000. The squad held fund drives including mailings to residents, sales from family photograph sessions by professional photographers and many barbecue dinners.


Our community has required Township 7 EMS to increase the support it provides. A brief review of call volume for medical emergencies, such as sick calls, fire standby, highway crashes, and mutual aid for other EMS Agencies in the county shows:

1999 – 300

2006 – 1200

2007 – 1400

2011 – 1550

2015 – 1700

2019- 1860

Township Seven EMS will continually grow as new homes are built and businesses are established in the community.