Craven EMS Internship Project

As a service to the community and the EMS field, Township Seven EMS, Inc will be partnering up with the Craven EMS Internship Project.  This project is intended to improve EMT retention in the county.  Each participant in this program will gain hands-on experience with experienced Advanced EMT’s and Paramedics.  Participants will be able to build a well-rounded resume from their time dedicated to the internship.  The goal is to progress each participant to become an Advanced life support (ALS) provider.  Completion of this program will provide experience, confidence, and skills that will allow them to thrive in the growing EMS job market.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of emergency medical technicians and paramedics is anticipated to grow 15% in the next ten years.  These jobs are expected to grow, in average, much faster than all other occupations (7%) nationally.  The skills of AEMT’s and Paramedics will continue to be in high demand due to continued acts of violence, automobile accidents, and natural disasters.  The increase in age related health emergencies, like heart attacks and strokes, will be the result of the rapidly growing middle-aged and older population. As the baby boomer population reaches retirement age, the need for a sufficiently staffed EMT and Paramedic workforce will be crucial to meet the demand.

The following is a description of the project, goals, and expected outcomes.

EMS Internship Program

  • Intended to provide newly certified individuals a path to further their education while gaining valuable filed experience in a busy EMS system;
  • Interns will have the opportunity to treat patients while working side by side with experienced Paramedics and AEMT’s;
  • The program helps interns build a solid foundation for their future in EMS; and
  • As we improve the individual’s skills we also create a hiring pool for Township Seven EMS and surrounding EMS departments.

Township Seven EMS will provide:

  • Hourly Compensation
  • Agency Affiliation
  • Hands on training
  • Reimbursement for books and related items
  • Additional training through monthly workshops

Interns will provide:

  • A six month, 36 hours per month commitment that may be extended
  • A willingness to learn and become part of our team



There are two major organizational components involved, the Craven Community College Workforce Development Department (CCC WDD) and Township Seven EMS (Medic 20).

The intern program is built around the participant working 18 12-hour shifts over a 6-month period with a start time based on participant and Medic 20 slot availability.

The overall process starts with the candidate receiving his/her certificate from the state.  Certified personnel desiring to enter the internship program will report to the CCC WDD to enroll in the program.  Program participants will complete in the initial entry job orientation training given by CCC WDD.  Once that training is completed, program participants will work one paid 12-hour shift per week for three weeks per month for 6 months, keep records of calls in a SOAP notes format, submitting the records for approval by the Lead Medic on each call, and passing all continuing education modules provided by CCC.  The approved SOAP notes and Lead Medic comments will comprise the basis of the participant’s resume.

Individuals accepted into the program will contact the Township Seven EMS program director, Assistant Captain Michael Bright for scheduling assignments. Participants will receive briefings on Medic 20 operational systems, clocking, report writing, daily duties, and truck check-off.

Participants will respond with the shift team to all calls.  Participants will operate under the guidance of the lead medic, and will be expected to provide patient care up to their certificate level and drive the ambulance when required.